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With more than 2 decades of proven results in international business and legal counseling of SME’s, trust James Enterprises to help you grow your business.

Business Law

As a seasoned attorney with over 20 years of experience, trust me to guide you with a wide variety of legal aspects of running a business. Services include including negotiating and drafting of legal documentation—such as contracts, sales agreements, software licenses, product warnings, warranties, terms & conditions, etc.—handling of disputes with suppliers and debtors, product liability and product compliance issues, and many more.

Intellectual Property

We provide counseling and assistance with intellectual property issues, including copyright law, trademarks, patents and trade secrets, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, etc.

Product Safety & Compliance

We guide our clients to ensure that their products are safe and comply with applicable regulations, come with required documentation and product safety warnings, etc.

Business Strategy

We assist our clients: to formulate "S.M.A.R.T. goals"; effective strategies to achieve them; and action plans to ensure that your business, and each of its team members, are all laser-focused on implementing the strategy.

Marketing & Advertising

Powerful branding & effective communication of the value you bring to your target prospects is key to business success. We deliver focused, targeted marketing & advertising, aligned with your strategy.

Outsourced Sales

Need a hand with your sales? We have been closing deals for our clients for 15 years, around the globe. Put us to work for you and see rapid increases in sales.

Lead Generation

It's not about how many leads can you get. It's about finding the right leads that can bring significant results. We help you identify and pursue key new accounts.

Website Development

We develop state-of-the-art websites aligned with your business strategy, designed to clearly and effectively convey your marketing message to your target market.


With over 20 years of practicing law, including mediation, and doing international business deals, we can effectively negotiate tough deals & resolve disputes on your behalf.


Proven Track Record with Over 20 Years of Experience in Law & Business

We Can Help You Achieve
Business Goals

James Enterprises is here to help you succeed in business. We offer our services on an outsourced basis with cost-effective pricing aimed at the highest possible return on investment. Whether you could use help on a one-off project, or on a regular basis, we are here to achieve your goals.


● Business Planning for Improved Results

● Legal Guidance

● Marketing & Advertising

● Negotiation of Contracts & Disputes

● Sales Growth

● Website that Influences



Enhance Business
Performance Through
Strategies & Implementation

We don't dream of success. Work for it. We set smart goals, a plan to attain them, and then skilfully execute that plan with intense focus.


We employ the Blue Ocean Strategy by seeking new markets for your products and services where you have little or no competition.


We work closely with you as your partner in business. Your success is our success.

Experience True Business Performance

Seeing is believing. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your objectives and ways we can help you achieve your goals in a way that is cost effective and brings measurable return on your investment.

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